Oliver Winery

Sep 9, 2022 | Tastings

Oliver Winery & Vineyards

Friday, Sept 9th, 2022 Tastings

Oliver Winery’s best-selling collection of fresh, fruit-forward Moscato wine is light, lovely, and a little bubbly.

The Vine Series® showcases fruit at its best. For our MoscatoBlueberry MoscatoCherry Moscato, and Lemon Moscato, we source the best quality Moscato: Muscat Canelli and Muscat Alexander from the West Coast. Then we add real fruit juice instead of artificial flavoring. The resulting wines taste true to the fruit—with vibrant character, natural sweetness, and just enough bubble. Low alcohol makes them great every day semi-sweet, semi-sparkling white wines and a guilt-free indulgence. Perfect patio sippers!”

“Camelot Mead Making mead is tough: the bee stings, the jousting, the suits of armor. But for you, the loyal consumer of this royal beverage, it’s worth the pain and suffering to deliver a honey wine with such clarity, smoothness and classic flavor. The next time you set out to conquer your passions, provision yourself with subtle, sublime Camelot Mead. Our Camelot Mead is the #1 selling honey wine in the U.S. A one-of-a-kind mead, perfected by our winemakers over 40+ years, this wine defies traditional mead styles. We carefully source orange blossom honey to avoid the off-character of non source-specific honey. It’s light, citrusy, and refreshing, with subtle honeycomb flavor.”

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